Monday, May 14, 2012

Gone...but never forgotten....

Hello everyone.

Sheesh... I have been awol from here for far toooo long... It's not even cool. I am so sorry.. Serious shame on me..

I was hoping that what would bring me back here would be good news but alas i guess it wasn't supposed to be so.

Last year, i talked about my aunt having stage 4 cancer (of the stomach) and how the news was kept from me for a while because i was studying for my LSAT exam. Well she died yesterday. My uncle was by her side when she died at the hospital (her son was at home with another cousin of mine). I was dumbfounded when my father told me (he was crying like a baby). It sucks so much because i still called her last week and i promised to call her back this week because though she felt better, her voice still sounded so weak and my mum said i shouldn't stress her too much with the calls..

My heart breaks for my little cousin. I don't even know..The almighty God will continue to protect, provide for him & shield him. Amen.

I remember going to visit her before i traveled and we talked about so much. I remember how happy she was that i came to visit her. "Ajala travel" was what she called me. I also remember how thankful she was that i helped her with the dishes because the side effects of the chemotherapy had made her unable to put  her hands in water. She prayed for me that i would be happy and would excel. She promised to keep in touch and would ensure to call often. Sadly, she couldn't do much of that because she was in the hospital constantly. I remember looking at & taking a picture of all the medication that she had to take and feeling so sad that she had to deal with such a horrible ailment.

I don't know but her death just makes it that much more clearer to me that life is oh so fickle. One minute we're here and the next we're gone. As cliche as it is, it hit me again that i need to make the best of life. I need to work harder, spend time with supportive family and friends, give back, be happy, explore, get rid of toxic friendships/people, not hold back and love wholeheartedly. She would always tell me that.

I really wish i was there with her in her final days/moments because she was one of the few people on my father's side that i truly loved and got along with & who cared about me so much. She would always tease me about forever being so crazy and being a "Ms no-nonsense". She would advice me about life, men, school. What didn't i talk to her about...I also remember joking with her that when i get back she needs to introduce me to the fine guy who brings her medication. Sigh..

I couldn't even sleep and I struggled to get my behind out of bed today to go to work. I really didn't want to..

I can still her hear voice in my head whenever i called to say hi: "Abimbola mi.  Ba wo ni? I hope all's well and you're doing good?"

To think that she just discovered that she had cancer early last year and now she's gone. The only consolation i have is that she no longer has to deal with all the pain. God rest her precious soul.

Life... Sigh..

Love you always always always Aunt Tayo..


  1. Sad...May her soul rest in peace. May the Holy Spirit console you all. May the good lord direct the path of those she left behind

  2. May her soul rest in peace. I am sorry for your loss

  3. @ HoneyDame, thank you. Amen. I appreciate it.

    @Taynement, Amen. Thank you so much.


  4. May she rest in peace and i pray that God heals your hurting heart(((((hugs))))

  5. May her soul rest in peace

    Just discovered your blog, please don't be stranger and when U get time, visit mine too!

  6. May her soul rest in peace!

    Just discovered your blog! Amazing! I'm so becoming a follower! Please visit mine too when U get bored and have nothing to do :)